Social Media Cover(s)
To Turn Lookers into Customers

Our Team will design up-to 5
SOCIAL MEDIA COVERS for up to 5 Social media properties for you. (Normal Price 1,497)

JUST 299 (1x FEE) Will get You a Nice Social media profile covers for The Big Five. 

Twitter, YouTube, Linked-in & Google+Free

You Cover the cost for Facebook (which is $299) (One Time Fee) & i will Create up to 5 Images for Five separate Social Media Sites (Size not design) So your message fits the medium


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WHat the heck is a Social Cover?

Social media covers are A Giant Billboard

Hundreds and maybe thousands of your customer's are in the Exact same place, as you read this, I assure you of that. I help you turn those on-lookers, into patient & clients & Customers by putting Well placed Ads, that are basically Your Best 5 Star reviews, Right in Front of them.

Change your social cover to fit the Holiday

You Get a theme to fit with the Times & change your social media presence Cover of your page monthly. With our 10x Strategy, We will create a campaign around your Banner on all your social media profiles and produce a cover that coincides with the monthly theme and post it. Utilizing your most valuable real-estate online While engaging with your social media follower's & with NO Ad Spend. 

What's peoples First Impression of Your Business?

We've researched the top 1000's of hottest Social Media Pages and identified the top 100 designs for you to use to engage new customers. & we roll out a new theme specific to your business, monthly & on Auto-Pilot (If you Go with the 10 X Posting Strategy)

Absolutely FREE m (ONE) Social Cover Design

We invest our time and expertise FIRST to give you a Social Media Cover that will bring you more engaged customers and new business.. All for One Low Fee 1 Time or have us manage the entire thing for you


1 Each month we get on the Phone 5-15 minutes to discuss YOUR strategy

SO each month give your business a unique way of marketing to your social media followers that makes you look A On top of your social media game & B current with keeping your name in front of these people who DID decided to follow you online- Give em a reason to STAY by doing What 95% of Other Business simply ARE NOT doing

2 If you just Give Them what They want.

You will get what you want. Ten Fold.

Have us 10 X your Social media presence for you &  Updating your social media Profile(s( with relevant current data)

Allowing you to run your business while I focus on capitalizing on the thousands of eyeballs Facebook & twitter will Just give to you, for FREE. But 1st you got to do something They want & just POST Something.

Here is your chance Ill do it for you , & you dont have to think about it for more than 5 minutes monthly

BONUS  FREE Reputation Video with Beta Program

Within 24 hours our top designers will contact you with your details. And that will consist of your BEST 5 Star review that you have online on a third party site like Yelp or Google. Once we have All your business details like:

name address, phone #, Logo, Back Ground Image and Call to action/Offer(If there is one)

I will create, in 72 hours a Video that markets your best review, FOR FREE. You can advertise this video on the homepage of your website. It will work with "Filtered Reviews" just fine (AND GET THOSE GEMS OUT ONTO PAGE ONE, Instead of being "Filtered" Where No-One is seeing it. I Fix that Problem permanently -499.99 per video

1 FREE Mention July 2017 to get this one time FREE Offer

Google Lous Custom Exhaust Lynn Ma 

For a prime example of a reputation video done right- It acts as his own commercial for  Google & his site when someone looks him up

 New video monthly to match each profile & market the review with 10X $199.99 Per Video


Get a Free Reputation marketing Video with  10X Monthly program


5 Social Covers done for the $299 Total. Waiving the $1,499 10X Setup fee

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